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Article provided by: Giant iTab

Extra Large Smartphone

Extra Large Smartphone

4 Things You Can Do With Our Extra-Large Smartphone

We have made product presentation and advertising easier and more effective with our extra-large smartphone. Our extra-large smartphone is indeed a smartphone because it has all the features of your smartphone. The only difference it has from a conventional smartphone is size. It is a giant smartphone. It offers a 55-inch screen size and that is why it is referred to as extra-large smartphone.

Although we created it for product presentation and advertising, it can be used for other purposes too. Here are the uses of our giant smartphone.

1) Product presentation and advertising

Just like other conventional display units, you can run your products on it for advertisement. It is effective because it also has sound. So, you can place it in big halls and shopping malls. It is hard to miss because of its sound. It has powerful speakers and can still be connected to external speakers.

The advantage it has over other display units is that it is very interactive. It responds to questions within 6 milliseconds. Viewers can interact with it through its responsive screen. Buyers can also order products and check out on it. So, it saves you the cost of hiring a salesperson to stay beside it. Do you have any idea how much it will cost you to station a salesperson beside it for a year? That is exactly the amount you save by using this device.

2) Staff training

It can also be used for staff training. You only need to install the required app or file on it and it will be presented to staff slide by slide. After the presentation, they can now ask questions by interacting with it. This implies that it works with virtually all software. You can install Microsoft office and other software on it.

3) Gaming

We understand that screen width is a very important factor when it comes to game apps. The wider your screen, the more interesting and immersive the game will be. So, you can install your favorite game on it and you are on.

However, it has a little disadvantage on games. When you begin to play games on our giant smartphone, you may no longer enjoy games on your mobile device because its screen is much smaller. People who have played several games on it have disclosed that they found it a little difficult to enjoy games on their mobile device afterwards.

4) Child learning

You can take it home and install several educational apps on it for your kids. Its size alone will make your kid find it very attractive. And there are so many educational apps on the net now. You can just download some of them and install them for your kids. The size of the smartphone will stun your them.

Apart from that, it will make them lose interest in your own tablet. They can always do all they have been doing on your tablet on the giant phone.

Since you can always uninstall and install apps on it, you can put it to several other uses. Due to the fact that not everybody can buy it outright, we also offer it for rent. So, you can keep renting it until you can afford it.


Extra Large Smartphone
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