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Home Elevation Chalmette

Home Elevation Chalmette

Homes that flood are more prone to structural damage and mold, which could lower the value of your property and affect the health and safety of everyone who lives there. You could also end up losing items inside your home. One of the primary reasons for structure elevation is to protect it from floodwater or hurricanes. By raising your house, you can ensure that your main floor is never underwater, preventing loss of items, mold growth, and danger.

Louisiana is a flood-prone area. That’s why we provide home elevation in Chalmette. Our expert contractors at Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring can skillfully and safely raise your house to a new permanent height to keep it dry forever.

Our Home Elevation Services

Chalmette is more likely to experience heavy rain and hurricanes that can threaten your home. For this reason, our construction and shoring company lifts structures to aid in protecting your house from big storms. In many cases, raising your structure to the recommended height will cut your flood insurance premiums.

We Raise Buildings Safely

Elevating a structure can be daunting, particularly when it’s necessary because of floods or hurricanes. Our professional shoring contractors will work with you to make the entire process as stress-free as possible. We’ve raised more than 5,000 homes in Louisiana alone. This means we have unmatched expertise and experience in elevating buildings steadily and evenly while safeguarding the integrity of structures.

Benefits Of Our Structural Elevation Services

Some of the advantages of our house lifting services include:

You Won’t Be Forced To Move

You'll no longer have to worry or think about moving away for safety reasons whenever heavy rains or a hurricane comes. Moving is expensive, and there's also the hassle of packing, unpacking, temporary housing, and so much more. When we lift your house, you'll not have to move, particularly if you love your neighborhood and all it has to offer.

Lower Insurance Rates

So long as we lift your house above the government-mandated height, you'll significantly pay less in flood insurance premiums. Insurance companies will give you lower rates when your building is raised because your home is less likely to flood. What's more, the cost of elevating your house will pay for itself over time, and you’ll save money in flood premiums.

Extra Storage Space

When you raise your house, you can choose from different foundation options to replace your old one. For instance, a beam-supported home can provide ample space underneath that you can use to store your artificial Christmas decorations, lawnmowers, and more. And if you hear of possible heavy rains or a hurricane, you can always remove your stored items and put them upstairs until the danger has passed.

Flood Proof Your Home with Our Elevation Services

Home elevation in Chalmette is essential for safeguarding your property against floods. If you're looking for the best home raising services, we're your go-to contractors. At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, we lift homes and buildings to help you protect your home and memories. Call us to get a quote: 504-241-4500.

Home Elevation Chalmette
Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, LLC
Home Elevation Chalmette
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New Orleans LA 70129

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